accurate diagnosisOne of the most important parts of a personal injury case is an accurate diagnosis. This is true for many reasons, but most importantly for proper benefits and effective treatment.

Personal Injury Settlement

In order for a personal injury settlement to be accurate and appropriate, it is important that the victim receives an accurate injury diagnosis. This will help determine whether surgery is necessary, how long treatment will need to last, and how severe the injury is.

Effective Treatment

Most importantly, an accurate diagnosis is important for effective treatment. An inaccurate diagnosis can lead to unnecessary operations and further complications down the road. A precise diagnosis allows for effective treatment plans to be developed and executed under physician’s orders.

The Process

While all doctors and medical specialists operate on a different basis, most follow a three-step diagnostic process. First, the doctor will gather personal medical history information and ask any pertinent questions related to chronic health issues. This is helpful in determining whether other causes could have played a role in the injury. Second, the doctor will perform a physical exam and any necessary diagnostic tests will be conducted. Third, confirmation tests like Xray, MRI or diagnostic injections may be conducted to determine the accuracy of the initial diagnosis.

If you believe you have been given an inaccurate diagnosis, don’t hesitate to seek out another opinion.