InjectionsIf you are the victim of personal injury, you have lots of decisions and choices to make. While the legal side of things is very important from a financial and judicial standpoint, the medical side is even more important because it pertains to your health and comfort. If you are experiencing back or neck pain related to a personal injury incident, make sure you weigh your treatment options.

While exercise, standard medication, and lifestyle alterations may be enough to bring pain relief, that is not always the case. Sometimes a stronger course of action is necessary. While surgery is certainly a viable option, there is one more consideration to discuss with your doctor before making a definitive decision: spinal injections.

Spinal Injections

While the name may sound intimidating, spinal injections are actually very safe and effective. Types of spinal injections include epidural injections, sacroiliac joint injections, provocation discography, and facet joint injections.

These injections are usually performed by injecting a mixture of anti-inflammatory steroid medication and local anesthetic into the affected site. Relief can come in as a little as a few minutes, but may not show up until hours later.

While the efficacy of spinal injections is dependent on how each individual reacts, they are generally considered very helpful and low-risk.