Back and Neck PainIf you are the victim of personal injury and find yourself experiencing back and neck pain related to the injury, it is important to immediately discuss your options with a medical specialist. While it may take time for your injuries to heal, it is always best to know what options you have at your disposal.

In-Home Options

If you have been examined by a doctor and your injuries are not believed to be extreme, some simple in-home treatment options may prove effective. These include applying ice and heat, resting, avoiding unnecessary movement, and exercising. The latter should only involve light, gentle stretches for the affected area(s).


Doctors often suggest medication as a supplement to other treatment options.  Common prescription strength medications include strong NSAIDs, corticosteroids, antidepressants, opioids, and even anticonvulsants.

Injections or Surgery

If physical therapy and medication aren’t enough, it may be time to try injections or even surgery. Spinal injections usually contain a combination of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medication and are applied directly to the sources of pain. They are generally safe and have proven effective in many individuals. As a last option, there is always surgery. While surgery carries inherent risks, it is a long-term option for those with serious injuries.