Treatment OptionsPersonal injury claims often involve back and neck pain. That’s because for what the spine possesses in flexibility and range of motion, it lacks in strength and protection. Whether at the hands of an auto accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice situation, back and neck pain are commonly reported in personal injury claims.

Treatment Options

The good news for those experiencing back and neck pain is that there are a variety of treatment options available. While each individual situation requires a personalized treatment plan, here are a few commonly suggested options:

  • Physical therapy. Professional therapists can do wonders for some sufferers of back and neck pain. Through gentle stretches and targeted range of motion exercises, a therapist can often reverse damage from injuries and alleviate painful symptoms.
  • Medication. By itself, or in conjunction with therapy, medication can sometimes provide relief. Doctors usually start with prescription strength pain relievers like NSAIDs and muscle relaxants before moving into opioids.
  • Surgery. While it is usually the last choice, surgery is an excellent option for long-term relief. Over the years, minimally invasive surgeries and high accuracy procedures have replaced once rudimentary operations. If you believe surgery could help your pain, discuss your options with a medical specialist or doctor today.